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Where printing means quality and professional service…….


Ananda Press, founded in 1965, is now a dynamic printing press. Having evolved from letter press to offset printing and digital printing over 50 years we have the expertise, experience and product knowledge to satisfy customer requirements ensuring finest international print quality and professional service within tight 

Highly experienced and skilled, in-house staff and modern equipment provide the foundation for our ability to handle complex artworks and special material for high quality end products.


We are proud to say that we are fluent in Sinhala, Tamil and English to cater to different ethnic groups in our country.


In house Facilities


Printing: Heidelberg – 1 SM74 (2 colour), 1 SM74 (4 colour), 1 SORK, 1 SORD, 1 SORDZ (2 colour), 1  KORD, 1 GT Platen, Ryobi – Numbering, Creasing and Perforating Machine with Special Colour Printing and 4 Nos. Digital Printing Machines.


Print Finishing: 4 Nos. Folding Machines, 3 Nos. Perfect Binding Machines, 1 No. Spiral Binding Machine, 1 No. Book Sewing Machine, 2 Nos. Wire Stitching Machine, 1 No. Laminating Machine, 1 No. Foiling Machine, 3 Nos. Paper Guillotines, etc.


Our clientele include reputed establishments such as the Sri Lanka Medical Association, Sri Lanka College of Surgeons, Sri Lanka College of Physicians, College of Ophthalmologists of Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka College of Pediatricians, State Pharmaceuticals Corporation of Sri Lanka, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), Gamma Pharmaceuticals (Pvt) Ltd, Nature’s Beauty Creations Ltd, Fab Foods (Pvt) Ltd., Russel’s (Pvt) Ltd., SPAR SL (Pvt) Ltd., Stassen Group, etc. 

We specialize in printing books, periodicals, newsletters, magazines and annual reports as well as visiting cards, letterheads, envelopes, brochures, Cartons, Paper bags, posters, calendars and customized invitation cards.


We could provide you the best possible service at a reasonable price.


For services required by you and further inquiries, we could be reached on telephone at  +94 11 2774793 and by email: anandapress@ymail.com,anandapress65@gmail.com


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